Matetsi Unit 5 Safari Area Zimbabwe

The Matetsi Units are the best remaining wild, free range, fair chase hunting areas in Africa today, there is no doubt in my mind about that fact, this is true for all big game species.  See the attached photo I took of a herd of 1000+ buffalo on the Unit 5 Parks boundary in September 2017.

When you look at the units themselves unit 5 stands out to me as the best located unit as it is directly adjoined to the Hwange National Park by a 40 kilometre open unfenced boundary with the National Park.

Matetsi Unit 5 is 390 Kilometres squared in extent, the biggest of all the Matetsi Units.

There are 5 luxury client chalets each sleeping two persons, all with en suite bathroom.

There is WIFI in the lodge.

There is generator run power in camp.

Unit 5 has natural drinking water all year around making the unit a hot spot to animals from the adjoining Hwange National Park that is the biggest National Park in Zimbabwe and home to an overwhelming number of wild, free roaming animals.

The rolling hills and valleys in Unit 5 are a perfect area for the resident elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, sable, roan and a whole host of plains game, besides the resident populations that live in Unit 5 there are also migratory animals moving into and out of the Unit at all times of the year.

Matetsi Unit 5 is a 90 minute drive from Victoria Falls International Airport, there is no charter flight needed to hunt the Matetsi Units.

The Professional Hunters guiding the hunts in Units 2 and 5 are Zimbabwe National Parks PH’s the same PH’s that deal with dangerous problem animals for Zimbabwe Parks, these same PH’s are also responsible for the theoretical and practical examination of Professional Hunters who are in training to become PH’s in Zimbabwe.

The calibre of PH’s guiding these hunts is of the highest standard.

Book these Matetsi Unit hunts with confidence.



Matetsi Safari Area Map

Matetsi Unit 5 Lodge

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