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Lion Hunting in Zimbabwe

Hunters who pursue the wild, free-range lions in Zimbabwe are in for a once in a lifetime experience.

While in many of the hunting circles, the buffalo is considered the most dangerous of African game, the lion is probably the best known, most respected, and feared member of the Big Five while on foot. As the largest of the African cats, they weigh in between 400 and 500 pounds.

Lioness are often more aggressive than male’s due to their maternal instinct, and is also responsible for most of the hunting. A lioness with cubs can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times.

Lions have excellent night-vision and possess very large talon-like retractable claws. These are used use to hold prey while trying to suffocate their prey.

Both lion and lioness make for exceptionally exhilarating hunt. An ambush predator, if it is wounded and its knows what has hurt him, he will be intent on returning the favour.

While hunting wild, free-range lions on our concessions, it is possible to occasionally come across a wild lion when walking in the bush. A lion can practically hide behind a little shrub and not be seen, even if you pass in close proximity to them.

Tracking lion on foot is the most exciting method of hunting wild lion. If you have the guts and fitness, there is nothing to beat the thrill of following huge fresh lion spoor, especially when you know there may be half a dozen or more lionesses in the vicinity.

You need to be able to walk long distances, shoot quickly and accurately and be absolutely level-headed in a potentially very dangerous situation.

Most wild lions are hunted on bait with blinds using big baits like buffalo or hippo. Baiting wild lions is particularly useful because it enables the PH to more accurately evaluate the lion in terms of age.

When a bait is hit by a lion, you will measure the size of the spoor and for the possible presence of mane hairs. If everything points to a large male lion coming to bait, a blind will be built about 30 to 50 yards away from the bait.

Suggested calibres and bullets are .375 H&H or larger, with fast expanding soft point bullets.

If you are looking to ethically hunt a wild, free-range lion, JWK Safaris has no doubt the best concessions across Zimbabwe.

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