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Leopard Hunting in Zimbabwe

Hunting leopard is like a game of chess, usually the only time you get to see a leopard, is when you shoot it. The leopard is the smallest of the Big Five, but do not underestimate this cat! He can be most dangerous when wounded and is probably the animal most likely to charge.

A mentally challenging but fun hunt. Leopard hunts starts off by baiting various areas. The most ideal leopard bait is either impala, kudu or zebra. Mature animals can consume about 20 percent of their body weight in a single feeding. They carry their prey up into the trees to protect it from the larger predators.

A mature ’Tom’ weighs between 120 and 180 pounds with individuals sometimes even pushing the 200 mark. Females range from 70 to 130 pounds and generally appear more slender in stature.

Once the bait has been hung in multiple locations, a series of drags are done towards the bait. The drags consist of the blood and internal organs of the bait animal.

Baits are frequently checked and once a bait appears to have been hit, a blind is built near by. Leopard are normally hunted from a blind of which its position is carefully thought out. Once the leopard is on the bait, it is now all about stealth and discretion on your part as the hunter.

Our Leopard hunts are conducted in the Gonarezhou Safari Areas and Matetsi Safari Areas of Zimbabwe. The areas full of kopjes and caves, ideal territory for big toms. Expect to see and shoot plains game such as zebra, wildebeest, impala, eland, and some small cats.

Our recommendation in getting to our hunting confessions would be to fly from O.R Tambo Airport in South Africa on SAA to either Victoria Falls or Harare depending on where you are hunting. SAA allow the carry of firearms if you were to bring your own. Your rifles will be with you on the vehicles at all times.

Ideal time for hunting leopard is in the cool months from April/May to July/August. Look for a full moon for optimum dates.

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