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The Gonarezhou Safari Areas we offer are well known safari areas that have proven themselves as the number 1 destination in Africa to hunt for trophy buffalo bulls and trophy elephant bulls. Ideally situated between the Kruger National Park, The Gonarezhou National Park and the Mozambique National Park the Gonarezhou Safari areas are safari industry leading concessions producing the best of the best trophy quality. Apart from elephant and buffalo we have leopard, hippo and crocodile on quota here and of course plains game.

The Gonarezhou Safari Area is made up of the Sengwe 1 and Sengwe 2 safari areas well as the Naivaisha safari area. They are situated in the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe adjoined and un-fenced to the National Parks.

This is wild Africa at its best and we have the highest pound average on elephant ivory in Africa. We shoot the biggest wild buffalo shot in Africa today; these are the facts.

Our 2 hunting camps are evenly set apart on our 300,000 plus hectare concessions. The Sengwe 2 hunting camp is located on the Mwenezi River. The Sengwe 1 hunting camp is located on the Limpopo River. 

The camps are to the South and South East of the Gonarezhou National Park as illustrated on the below map.

Gonarezhou MapGonarezhou Map

The name Gona Re Zhou means “place of many elephants”. In these concession’s we hunt trophy elephant bulls and trophy buffalo bulls. The area is also good for leopard and sable.

The quality of buffalo hunted in these concessions is the best in Zimbabwe with the area average being over 42 inches and a 2012 best buffalo measuring over 50 inches.

The location of our concessions adjoined to the National Parks in the Trans Frontier Park environment make us ideally placed for these parks to act as feeder parks to our concessions. The abundance of game in our locality make our concessions a hunter’s paradise.

There is a National Parks runway close to the camp making logistics no problem in terms of hunting with us. JWK Safaris also offer road transfers from Harare to our concessions and we will meet you and welcome you in either of these scenarios.

Explaining the Gonarezhou hunting concession boundaries offered by JWK Safaris

From North to South Gonarezhou Nation Park, to be read in conjunction with the map of the Gonarezhou on the JWK website.


Sengwe 2 starts at the Sango border post (Zimbabwe/Mozambique) where the Sengwe 2 corridor begins that connects the Gonarezhou National Park and the Kruger National Park forming the Transfrontier National Park, this is a vital channel for elephant and buffalo migration between the national parks, this corridor is within the hunting area, Sengwe 2 continues right down to the Limpopo River that is the International boundary between Zimbabwe and South Africa, this is our open and unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park that starts at the Mozambique/RSA/Zim border and extends back into our Sengwe 1 boundary starting point at the Bubye River that flows into the Limpopo River. Sengwe 1 and 2 merge halfway between the Bubye River and Crooks corner boundary along the Limpopo River.


Sengwe 2 Hunting Camp  is located on the Nuanetsi River to the South of the Malipati Safari Area and a top hunting concession in the southern Lowveld of Zimbabwe.


Sengwe 1 Hunting Camp is located in the Southernmost tip of Zimbabwe on the Limpopo River that is the border between Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe. This magnificent location allows free roaming of animals between Kruger and the hunting concession.

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