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JWK Safaris is a specialist in Southern African big game Hunting. We are Outfitters, Hunting Agents and South African Professional Hunters. We all live in Johannesburg South Africa and have done so all of our lives. We have hunted and fished South Africa and Zimbabwe extensively all our lives. 

JWK Safaris forms part of a consortium of licensed and registered hunting Outfitter companies that are market leaders in free range, fair chase hunting with a track record that spans back over 11 years of full time work in the hunting industry having collectively booked and/or guided over 400 big game hunts to date.

To see the photos from these hunts please visit the big game gallery on our website.

Here is a brief overview of each country that we offer hunts in, for more detailed information about the individual concessions we offer please follow the relevant country tabs on our website.


 Can only be described as the best hunting destination in Africa of that fact there is no doubt in our minds having personally hunted every African county open to hunting including and south of Tanzania. Zimbabwe remains the #1 big game hunting destination offer we have for our clients. 

Zimbabwe offers only free range/fair chase hunting with no fences at all in any of our offered concession areas. The areas we offer are concession areas that are directly adjoined, open and unfenced to National Parks that serve as feeder Parks to the hunting areas. These hunting areas are owned by either the Zimbabwean Government or the local Communities that lease the land to the local Operators whom we represent.

We are not a South African company operating in Zimbabwe, we are specialist/veteran hunting agents that books hunts for Zimbabwean Professional Hunters and Zimbabwean Operator companies that are in the same group of companies as JWK Safaris, a hunt consortium.

Our Zimbabwean concessions are fantastic for all big game hunts, these are serious hunter hunts in big game country. We book on average 60 big game hunters a year in Zimbabwe and have done so for some years now. We don’t want to upset any other Operators or PH’s however we believe that we are well qualified to inform you that there is NO BETTER hunting destination in Africa than Zimbabwe for free range fair chase big game hunting, come and see for yourself.


South African hunting is the success story of South Africa’s wildlife population. Hunting is the single most important attribute to the prolific numbers of game in South Africa.

JWK Safaris is proud to offer you South African hunting at it’s best, including hunts on big concessions on a fair chase basis, all our hunting areas are top class destinations selected based on our client’s safari requirements and requests.

JWK Safaris specialise in Family groups hunting together, safaris are accommodated in private luxury lodges or rustic bush camps which ever experience suits your requirements, we have a family venue for you that your family will thoroughly enjoy.

The time spent with each other at the dinner table together and around the campfire after the days activities is the perfect way for the entire family to spend time together and
reunite bonds.

Each and every hunt is special from the start of the spoor to the end of the track enjoy these moments and let them forever be engraved in your mind and soul.

These memories are always held close to your heart and never forgotten. Family hunts are arranged with fun in mind and easy of travel.

Our most popular outing is a few days in Cape Town our mother city, followed up by 5 to 10 days of hunting safari in one of our hunting camps and then a few days in the Kruger Park to round off the full South Africa experience.

This is one of many options we have that make the Family experience work so well, we will plan the full excursion together making it fit to your family perfectly to create memories never to be forgotten.

If you are interested in an upmarket hunt where game movement is great from the time you start hunting in the morning, until you stop hunting in the evening yet you still insist on a fair chase hunt, then our South African hunting areas will be perfect for you.

The hunting areas have different terrain that are ideal for all hunters whether you are interested in hunting mountains or flat savanna’s. These hunting areas will accommodate all hunting requirements and expectations you may have.

Hunting Buffalo in South Africa is truly a wild experience it is of my favourite hunts to guide.

From the first step to the last, Buffalo make you work hard to earn your stripes.

Our hunting’s areas cover the 5 major provinces of South Africa giving you the best of all the opportunities available.

We offer hunting experiences in the following provinces:

  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Free state
  • Limpopo
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal

Game species found in abundance on the properties include Baboon, Buffalo, Blue Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Civet, Crocodile, Grey Duiker, Eland, Genet, Giraffe, Grysbok, Hippo, Hyena, Impala, Jackal, Kudu, Leopard, Caracal, Nyala, Rhino, Sable, Steenbuck, Warthog, Waterbuck, Zebra, Elephant, Lion and a myriad more.

We offer the following:

  • Rifle Hunting
  • Bow Hunting
  • Bird Hunting
  • Macnab Hunts (Bird, Fish, Buck)
  • Fresh and Saltwater Fishing (Inshore and Offshore)
  • Photo and Game Reserve Tours (Kruger Park)
  • Charter flights transfers and security if required

I take a personal interest and assist in each and every hunt providing the best and most accurate information from weather and clothing to calibre and rifle choice, keeping it even easier you are welcome to use our own selection of fire arms for your hunt to make travel even more comfortable.

In summary:

We are 100% committed to offering our clients from all over the world bookings into the top Zimbabwean and South African hunting concessions available based on the strength of the area for the species that the client wishes to hunt. For instance, some areas are better for Elephant than others, same goes for Sable, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard etc. 

JWK Safaris is 110% committed to the principles of fair chase hunting combined with sensible sustainable utilisation of our African species diversity and population numbers in addition to always offering you our valued clients the best possible deal on your safari at all times.

We have top concessions available to hunt top quality trophies on a fair chase basis. Our hunt prices are the best that the industry has to offer in top concessions. We don’t offer marginal areas or bad hunts, our hunts are all well researched, our areas are hunted and/or guided by us in person long before we offer them to our clients, well-priced top quality hunts is what we do. You will be hunting top concessions with the best PH’s when you book with JWK Safaris. We are committed to only selling hunts that we ourselves would buy, our strict hunt selection process rules out any marginal hunts or marginal Outfitters.

We only book hunts for licensed and registered Safari Outfitters and Professional Hunters. We are all licenced Safari Outfitters and Professional Hunters ourselves as well as specialist big game Booking Agents. On this basis we know exactly what is required to make your safari a successful one. We have all personally hunted the big 5 and dangerous 7 as clients and/or guides, most of the species in these groups many times over.

We know very well what you expect from your hunt and your Professional Hunter. If you want a no nonsense booking, then contact us today. We at JWK Safaris do guide a good number of hunts per annum personally, our passion for African hunting and guiding is burning brighter than ever even after spending all our lives growing up in and hunting in Africa.

We have many Booking Agents, Outfitters, Professional Hunters as clients as well as hunters themselves. Feel free to email us your enquiry. If we cannot help you, we will point you in the right direction, no enquiry is too big or small.

Whilst you are our website please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter and read some of the past newsletters sent out. Also take a look through our trophy gallery that speaks for itself. We have many references from hunters who have booked hunts with or hunted with us in the past in the areas you will be hunting.

This company was started by hunters with a passion for hunting and a passion for conservation combined with a sincere love for this industry, those very same hunters still run this company, that passion remains.

Hunters Best Wishes,

JWK Safaris Team


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