JWK Safaris is pleased to be able to offer you this free range 12,000 hectare hunting concession right in the heart of the Namibian bushveld hunting area situated between Kalkveld and Otjiwarongo. A comfortable 2 hour and 30 minute drive from Windhoek International Airport.

This free range fair chase hunting area comprises of a consolidation of cattle farms with NO HIGH FENCES in the area that hosts naturally occurring self-sustaining populations of: Oryx, Eland, Damara Dik-Dik, Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Warthog, Grey Duiker and Steenbok then of course Leopard is a big attraction as they are plentiful in this mountainous and flat land concession, in this concession there are two leopard tags available per year.

As per free range norms and standards, we only hunt old bulls/trophy bulls in this area. There is no quota for the hunting of female or young male/breeding male animals in the Otjiwarongo Safari Area that JWK Safaris is offering.

This hunting area has been in the family of the current owners for nearly a century and has not been hunted commercially until now, nor has any leopard hunting been done here at all before 2016. These fantastic leopards have recently been taken on 14 day safaris.

Otjiwarongo Leopard

Otjiwarongo Leopard

Otjiwarongo Leopard

We had the pleasure of visiting and hunting this concession during August 2018, your hosts Neville and Adri are seasoned veterans in the safari industry and will provide you with expert hunting guides. In fact, Neville has trained many PH’s over the years.

The clients accommodation as is the case in many safari operations across Namibia is the family homestead that has had a portion of the homestead converted into clients luxury accommodation. This lodge is for my part fantastic and offers more than is expected by 99% of safari guests including fine dining and world class hosting.

We sell a minimum 7 day plains game safari in this area, during that time you can realistically expect to harvest 4 good bulls across the species range. We sell a 14 day minimum leopard and plains game hunt. Cheetah are not known to occur in the area but are starting to make a come back and have been seen in low numbers. There is no hunting of cheetah permitted here for now until the population is quantifiable and sustainable.

The accommodation is luxurious and comprises of 3 client rooms each sleeping two persons. One bedroom has a bathroom en-suite and a kitchenette whilst the other two bedrooms share a bathroom. If your passion is free-range fair-chase hunting and you wish to hunt plains game and/or leopard in Namibia then look no further than Otjiwarongo Safari Area in Namibia.



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