Matetsi ECA (Extended Conservation Area)

The Matetsi ECA (Extended Conservation Area) is adjoined directly to the Matetsi units 1 and 4 as illustrated by this map, in the light blue shaded section. This is a map of the Matetsi hunting areas adjoined to the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe that is the country’s biggest National Park. The park itself would sit below this map.Matetsi Safari Area MapThe Matetsi ECA is a successful merge of three game farms that are open and unfenced to each other. The Matetsi Units create a conservancy area / safari area known as the extended conservation area or ECA. Extended as in past the boundaries of Matetsi Units 1 and 4 to create this safari area that is around 25000 hectares in extent. The farms that joined to create this safari area are Dipangmombe, Kalala and Breakfast. The ECA is also known as Matetsi Unit 8 to the locals although this title is not official.

A big difference between the Matetsi ECA and the Matetsi Units is that the ECA allows night hunting of nocturnal species, whereas the National Parks Units do not.

There is plenty of water in the ECA, game movement is very good very near 100% success rate on all big game species.

The safari lodge is less than one hour’s drive from the Victoria Falls International Airport and very close to Hwange National Park. We are able to arrange tours to both the Victoria Falls and the Hwange National Park and no air charter is needed when hunting in Matetsi. There are lots of non-hunter activities available in the nearby Victoria Falls town. When hunting Matetsi, you should land at the Victoria Falls Airport. Full mobile phone coverage is available in camp.

Matetsi Safari Area Map

The annual hunting quota is determined by National Parks and consists of Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant, Lion, Sable, Hippo, Crocodile, Waterbuck, Kudu, Eland, Zebra, Reedbuck, Impala, Warthog, Baboon and Hyena. This is an excellent hunting area and is well known for its big Leopard, full maned Lion and top trophy quality Sable.

The camp is very comfortable and has three client chalets each sleeping 2 persons, one chalet is en-suite, the other two each have their own bathroom just outside the chalet.

Matetsi Area Map

Matetsi ECA Lodge 1
Matetsi ECA Lodge 2

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